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Online booking system

BookSpot is an online booking system that is simple and easy to use. With BookSpot, you get a clear overview of your bookings and complete control over your operations.

Online bokningsystem

BookSpot is a cloud-based booking system, meaning you can access it from any device connected to the internet (computer, phone, tablet). The booking system is also easily implemented with a booking widget on your current website.

The advantages of having an online booking system are that you are not tied to a specific device to log in, and you don’t need to install any software – everything is available in the cloud.

The BookSpot booking system can be used for various purposes, such as rental services, courses and event management, and booking facilities like saunas, relaxation areas, and conference rooms.


What features are available in BookSpot?

In BookSpot, you can easily set up the products and services you want to offer. Choose how long each product/service should be bookable, as well as when and how many of these should be available. You then set prices for each product, with the option to set different prices for different booking durations.

  • You can add images to each product and add-on products to increase your upselling.
  • Each product can have an order confirmation attached, which the customer receives when booking online.
  • Opening hours are easily set, and you can choose to have different opening hours for different products/services if desired.
  • Your customers can then book and pay through the booking system on your website. Payment can be made by card or Swish. You can choose whether customers should have the option of rescheduling or cancellation insurance.
  • After completing the booking, the customer receives a booking confirmation. In the booking confirmation, the customer can reschedule their appointment, so you as the administrator do not need to handle the rescheduling.
  • After the activity, you can choose to have the system send a request for feedback on the customer’s experience (NPS), and you will receive this valuable internal feedback.

In addition to these features, there are many other useful and smart functions to optimize the number of customers and minimize the administrative effort required.


How do I get started with BookSpot?

Getting started with BookSpot is easy, and we’re happy to help! The best way is to call us at +468-745 02 02 or book a demo, so we can know more about your needs and help you get started on your account to ensure you get the most out of the system!

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