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BookSpot is the most user-friendly booking system designed for rentals.
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Powerful & flexible

The booking system for all types of rentals

We who built BookSpot run Sweden’s largest kayak rental service, Långholmen Kayak. With about 80 rental units (60 kayaks and 20 SUPs) serving up to 400 customers in a day, it is essential that the booking system has the functionality to optimise the business in the best way.

Thanks to BookSpot, we have been able to meet the demand for kayak rentals, resulting in a 500% increase in our revenue over 5 years. The secret has been to make the booking completely automated and the system flexible enough to maximise resource utilisation.

Save time & increase your revenue

A complete solution for your rentals

With BookSpot, your customers book their products online through your website, eliminating the need for you to manually handle all incoming bookings. This saves you a significant amount of time on administration while providing your customers with a seamless booking experience.

When you no longer have to handle bookings manually, you can use the time saved to further develop your business and increase your revenue.

We make bookings effortless & exciting
Available 24/7

Effortlessly unmanned with Igloo

In BookSpot, you can connect your kayaks and canoe-units to smart locks. With the Igloo-integration, your customers get access, collect and return products without you having to be at the site using a one-time code.

In that way, your customers can manage themselves on-site and you can keep a peace of mind, knowing your kayaks and canoes are locked and secured.

What our customers say

More than 400 companies handle their bookings with BookSpot

“Bookspot has been essential for us to simplify and increase the sales of our nature experiences.

The system has been easy to customize and develop together with Bookspot to get the best online booking system with a payment solution.

They also have responsive and friendly support!”

– Luc D, Arvika kanot & turistcenter

Some of BookSpot's smart features

Booking manifest

In the clear booking manifest, you can see all of today's bookings. You can view the customer's name, the unit they have booked, the time, payment status, and other important information about the booking.

Flexible booking durations

In most booking systems, you can only book a fixed duration starting from a specific time. With BookSpot, you can offer your customers full flexibility regarding start times and booking durations.

100% cloud-based

BookSpot is cloud-based, which means you can access the system from any digital device with an internet connection. This allows you to always check the booking status, no matter where you are.

Support for drop-in and online bookings

If you receive bookings with drop-ins, you can quickly and easily register them in BookSpot, for example, via your phone or tablet. This way, you have full control over when bookings start, end, and whether the booking is paid.

Secure online payments

With BookSpot, your customers can book and pay safely and securely before they arrive on-site. This reduces the number of no-shows and saves time assisting customers once they are on-site.

Inventory overview

With smart views of your inventory, you can quickly and easily see when your items are available and when they are rented out. You also have a view that helps you prepare items to be rented out for each time slot.

Rebooking protection

Give the customer the option to reschedule for a later time and charge for this option with rebooking protection. It's an easy way to increase upselling. When the customer wants to reschedule, they can do so themselves from their booking confirmation.

Add-on products

Increase your sales by offering your customers the option to add smart products to their booking, such as extra equipment, storage, or transportation from pickup or drop-off locations.

Automatic messages to your customers and staff

In BookSpot, a booking confirmation is automatically sent to the customer at the time of booking. You can also create your own automatic messages and set it up to receive custom notifications yourself, allowing you to plan your business accordingly.


If you offer courses where your rental units are drawn from the same inventory list as the rental units, you can easily create alias products in BookSpot. This allows the same unit to be rented in different ways at different prices.

Tracking customer satisfaction

With BookSpot, you can gather valuable feedback from your customers through an automatic survey. This allows you to improve your business with the help of your customers and continue with what works well!

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