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Booking system for
trail riding

BookSpot is the market’s most powerful and flexible booking system for trail riding and horseback riding providers.
Bokningssystem turridning
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Powerful & Flexible

A complete solution for trail riding operators

BookSpot was originally created for our kayak rental business. As a result, our daily operations became much simpler, and we significantly increased our revenue.

Over time, the booking system has evolved into a comprehensive solution that can be adapted to the needs of various businesses. Today, an increasing number of trail riding operators are choosing BookSpot because it includes a range of features that simplify booking management.

Our vision is for trail riding operators to have more time for their horses and to develop their business while bookings and payments manage themselves.

Don’t miss out on bookings

Accept bookings 24/7

With BookSpot, you won’t miss out on bookings when other things come in between. Your customers can book their horseback riding tours 24/7 and pay directly through your website.

This does not only save you time on administration but also increases the number of bookings as your business becomes more accessible to your customers.

You can also offer add-ons such as renting riding equipment, providing refreshments or offer accommodation, to name just a few examples. You know your business and customers best and can include add-on products that suit them best.

Spend more time with your horses, less time on administration.
Smart integrations

Maximise bookings with OTAs

Grow your business, attract more customers, and boost bookings with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).

Bookings from OTAs sync automatically with BookSpot, letting you manage all bookings in one system while keeping your availability updated in real-time for peace of mind.

Why choose BookSpot for your trail riding business?

Full control over your business

BookSpot has unique adaptations for trail riding businesses. The system allows you to adjust tour capacities based on the number of guides and horses using the "resource"-setting. This makes it easy to handle unexpected events when planning your tours.

View bookings wherever you are

BookSpot is a cloud-based app that is accessible on your computer, mobile phone and tablet, making it easy to keep track of bookings wherever you are. Whether you're working in the stable, out riding, or away from a computer – you can always stay updated.

Easy to use, easy to get started

It's easy to get started with BookSpot. You can create a free account or book a demo of the booking system with one of our team members. We are with you from start to finish and help you get the most out of the booking system for as long as you are a customer with us.

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