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Booking system for
snowmobile rentals & tours

Experience the benefits of the market’s most user-friendly booking system for snowmobile businesses.
bokningssystem snoskoter
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The #1 booking system

A user-friendly booking system for snowmobile operators

BookSpot is an online booking system for snowmobile tours and other outdoor activities. It is used by hundreds of operators, in Sweden and internationally, for experiences on water, in the forest, and on the mountains – both summer and winter.

Today, we have over 400 customers, including many snowmobile operators who choose to manage their snowmobile rentals and guided tours with BookSpot.

Easy to use, easy to book

The booking system you and your customers will love

With BookSpot, customers book themselves through your website, around the clock. Everything becomes easier for your guests, and you save a lot of time that you can use for what you are passionate about: giving your guests an extraordinary experience.

Both booking and payment occur online, and customers can choose from different lengths and difficulty levels of your tours.

More time for what you do best, less time on administration.

With BookSpot you get…

A clear overview

You get a complete overview of the booking situation for the upcoming day, week, and season – no matter where you are. This allows you to adjust staffing, machine maintenance, and food purchases. Planning becomes easier, and you can allocate resources where and when they are needed.

A more flexible business

Many operators have one business in the winter and another in the summer. BookSpot is easy to adapt to changing conditions – you might develop your business over time or want to adjust your prices and offerings based on the season or snow conditions, which you can easily do with BookSpot.

An outstanding booking experience

From experience, we know that some guests – often older ones – prefer to contact us by phone. Not everyone is comfortable booking online. Since the system saves you time, you have a better opportunity to assist them for a better booking experience, while the majority book and pay through the booking system.

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