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The booking system you and your customers will love

Minimise the time spent answering calls and emails by allowing your customers to book online. Work smarter with BookSpot.

Kund som nöjt använder bokningssystemet i sin verksamhet.

Full control over your bookings

Gather all your bookings in one place and get a clear overview of what needs to be done each day. With a clear booking manifest and an easy-to-use booking calendar, nothing falls through the cracks.

Schedule activities and tours just the way you want

It’s easy to enter all your activities and products into BookSpot. You then decide how and when they can be booked with different start times, booking durations, and capacities.

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User-friendly and optimised booking experience

Let your customers book and pay in advance by themselves – all without leaving your website. BookSpot easily integrates directly onto your website to provide the best possible customer experience.

Smart integrations

Maximise bookings with OTAs

Scale your business, reach more customers, and secure more bookings with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).

Bookings from OTAs automatically sync to BookSpot, providing you with a peace of mind, as you can manage all bookings in one system and knowing that your availability is always updated in real-time.

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