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Booking system for
canoe & kayak

BookSpot is a booking system originally developed for canoe and kayak rentals and activities.
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Developed by industry experts

10 years of experience from Sweden’s most visited kayak rental

BookSpot is built with a focus on user-friendliness without compromising functionality or flexibility. We, the founders of BookSpot, have 10 years of experience running Sweden’s most visited kayak rental, Långholmen kajak.

Our focus has been to make BookSpot the best possible booking system for our own business, now also available for you.

Powerful & flexible

A booking system for canoe and kayak rentals

With BookSpot, your customers can book and pay for their paddling tour on your website, allowing you to accept bookings around the clock.

You also don’t need to have personal contact with all customers who want to book, which saves you a lot of time. Then you can take the time to help those who still prefer to book through personal contact – usually older customers – to an even better booking experience.

With BookSpot, you can also take payment directly at the time of booking – easier for the customer and for you as the rental operator.

Save time on administration and increase your revenue with BookSpot.
Available 24/7

Effortlessly unmanned with Igloo

In BookSpot, you can connect your kayaks and canoe-units to smart locks. With the Igloo-integration, your customers can get access, collect and return products without you having to be at the site using a one-time code.

In that way, your customers can manage themselves on-site and you can keep a peace of mind, knowing your kayaks and canoes are locked and secured.

Trusted by +400 companies

What our customers say about us

“Bookspot has been a must for us to simplify and increase the sales of our nature experiences.

The system has been easy to customize and develop together with Bookspot to get the best online booking system with a payment solution.

They also have a responsive and friendly support!”

– Luc D, Arvika kanot & turistcenter

BookSpot allows you to get…

Full control over availability

The system keeps track of availability for you as a rental provider, allowing you to maximize your resources and make them work as efficiently as possible. You get a good overview of today's, this week's, and this month's bookings, enabling you to plan both inventory and staffing accordingly.

More time to grow your business

BookSpot helps you save time on administration as your customers both book and pay for their activity directly through your website. This frees up time that can instead be spent on developing your business.

An outstanding booking experience

BookSpot is designed to make the booking process as simple as possible for your customers. Smart features also allow you to increase revenue per customer through add-ons such as camping equipment rental or dry bags.

BookSpot is free until you start receiving bookings..

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