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Minimise the time spent answering calls and emails by using a booking system designed for activities.
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Powerful & flexible

The complete solution for activity providers

BookSpot is an online booking system for activities. The booking system makes it easy to receive bookings, accept online payments, and get a clear overview of today’s and the week’s bookings.

The major advantages are that it helps you increase your revenue by allowing you to receive bookings “while you sleep,” you can add smart add-on products, and you can optimise your booking capacity without fearing double bookings.

Save time & increase revenue

Easier bookings for you and your customers

An online booking system allows you to receive more bookings, as you don’t need to spend time creating bookings yourself. Customers make their bookings on your website and pay at the same time. This allows you to spend your time developing your business, for example, by dedicating more time to your visiting customers.

BookSpot keeps your bookings organised, so you don’t have to keep the information in your head. All information is structured and listed in front of you, and the system tracks available spots/products to prevent double bookings.

Smart integrations

Maximise bookings with OTAs

Grow your business, attract more customers, and boost bookings with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).

Bookings from OTAs sync automatically with BookSpot, letting you manage all bookings in one system while keeping your availability updated in real-time for peace of mind.

Making the right choice

Different types of booking systems

The most important thing when choosing a booking system is to find one that is tailored to the business you run. A booking system for restaurant reservations is rarely suitable for a bike rental service.

A good tip is to choose a booking system that you know is used by other similar businesses and fits your needs.

It is also a great advantage to choose a system with Swedish support, making it easy for you to ask questions and explain any issues.

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