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About BookSpot

Running an activity- or rental business, while maintaining high quality and good service can be challenging. We know, we come from the industry ourselves, as we own and run Stockholms most popular kayak rental – Långholmen Kajak.

In all rental and activity companies, bookings are the foundation of the entire operation. Our mission is simple – to enable rental and activity companies to work smarter and make the most of their time.

We took matters into our own hands

Where it all started

We started out the hard way – taking bookings via email and phone, and managing them with pen and paper. However, we quickly realised that it was an inefficient way to work.

Our background as engineers made it relatively easy to see that the booking systems available on the market were complicated, clunky, had dull layouts, and could not optimise our kayak rental in the best way.

This led us to take matters into our own hands and build our own custom booking system.

Increased revenue by 500%

The result exceeded all our expectations

The booking system we built in 2013 has since been developed and refined – all to create the best possible framework for optimising and scaling up our rental business at Långholmen in Stockholm.

The focus has been on creating simplicity in the booking process for both customers and our own staff. The booking system we built is a major reason why we have been able to increase our revenue by over 500% in 6 years.

Over time, we received more and more inquiries from operators who wanted to start using our booking system, ranging from rentals to activities and tours. The high demand prompted us to further develop the system to fit optimally for various types of businesses.

When the booking system became BookSpot

In 2019, we began offering the system to other operators who wanted to embark on similar growth journeys.

The journey has only just begun

The #1 booking system for rentals and activities

We dare to claim that BookSpot is the best booking system for activities, tours, and rentals.

Today, the powerful and flexible system is used by both small business owners and those with multi-million turnovers, in everything from bike rentals and campgrounds to dog sledding and paintball.

With a dedicated and rapidly growing team, we’re working to make BookSpot available to as many operators as possible. BookSpot is currently used by over 350 operators in Sweden and Norway, with the aim of continuing to expand internationally.

BookSpot helps rental and activity companies make the most of their time.

Our team

Daniel Nilsson
CEO & Co-founder
Anton Lindell
CTO & Co-founder
Tobias Lövgren
Account Executive
Julia von Melen
Customer Success Manager
Johan Johansson
Fullstack Developer
Adam Agerås
Account Executive

Join our team

Are you our new team member? Keep an eye out for available roles by following us on LinkedIn, or send an open application to [email protected].