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BookSpot is the market’s most flexible booking system for glamping sites.
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The complete booking system

BookSpot is an online booking system for outdoor experiences and nature-based accommodations. The system was initially built for our own business, Långholmen Kajak, but is now used by hundreds of accommodation and activity providers.

We believe that most outdoor activity providers are like us – we want more time for what we are passionate about – giving our visitors an unforgettable experience in nature – rather than sitting in the office managing bookings.

Powerful & flexible

An established booking system

Since the first version of BookSpot was created in 2014, we have dedicated a lot of time and effort to refining and developing the system. We expected that managing bookings would become easier – that was the whole point. Additionally, increasing our revenue at Långholmen Kajak by 500% over a 5-year period has been a sign that we have done many things right.

More and more organisers of water, forest, and mountain experiences have realised the benefits of a booking system that can easily be adapted to various activities. Now it is also available for those who offer exclusive tent nights in nature.

A unique booking system

Flexibility is our guiding principle

Since we ourselves work with kayak rentals and guided tours, we know what is missing in the booking systems on the market. Booking a kayak, a glamping tent, or a dog sled tour isn’t necessarily the same thing. Therefore, we wanted to create a system as flexible as possible.

We know, for example, that many providers have one type of business in the summer and another in the winter. You might develop your business over time, with new add-ons, different tent sizes and accommodation standards, seasonal pricing, and so on.

With BookSpot, you can easily tailor your offerings to meet your needs as they change.

With BookSpot, you save time on administration and can instead focus on your guests.
Customer Stories

What our customers say about us

“BookSpot is a very user-friendly booking system. Besides saving us a lot of time, BookSpot has significantly increased our upselling.

Our customers can book not only glamping tents but also cabins, dog sled tours, fishing trips, kayaks, and more directly through our website. We are very happy with our collaboration with BookSpot.”

– Tommy Lönnebacke, Rösjöstugorna

Why choose BookSpot for your glamping business?

Booking around the clock

With BookSpot, guests can easily book and pay on your website. This means you don't have to be available by phone during peak booking times, which are usually in the evenings, and you won't miss any bookings because you're not in the office, as the bookings manage themselves.

Clear overviews

The system provides a clear overview of occupancy for the upcoming day, week, or month. This allows you to adjust purchases, staffing, and more accordingly. The risk of food waste, incorrect staffing levels, and double bookings is reduced.

An outstanding booking experience

That BookSpot has made online booking easier does not mean we underestimate the value of personal interaction. On the contrary! We know there are guests, often older, who prefer traditional booking methods. The time you save with BookSpot gives you more time to help them have a great experience.

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