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BookSpot is more than just a digital booking system. It’s also an app, allowing you to easily keep track of and manage your bookings on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Bokningssystem app

Why is the booking system an app?

When we developed BookSpot for our own kayak rental at Långholmen in Stockholm, we quickly realized that flexibility and accessibility were priorities. This not only applied to the system’s features and settings but also making the booking system accessible to our customers.

That’s why it was obvious for us to build BookSpot as an app, easily accessible via computer, mobile, or tablet. This allows you to effortlessly manage all your bookings whether you’re out on the water, in the forest, or up in the mountains.

Even though you always log in through the same platform, the booking system’s app adapts to a user-friendly version depending on the device you’re logging in with.


What features are available in BookSpot?

In BookSpot, you easily set up the products and services you want to offer.

  • Choose the duration for each product/service to be bookable, as well as when and how many of these products/places should be available.
  • Set prices for each product, where you also have the option to set different prices for different booking durations.
  • Create attractive product pages with custom text and images. You can also add suitable additional products to increase your upselling, such as a water bottle.
  • For each product, you can attach an order confirmation that the customer receives when booking online.
  • Set your opening hours for your entire business or opening hours for specific products/activities, if desired.
  • Your customers can then book via your website and choose between different payment methods such as credit card or Swish. You can choose whether customers should be able to add rebooking or cancellation guarantees.
  • After the booking is completed, the customer receives a booking confirmation. There, the customer can reschedule their time themselves, reducing the need for you as an administrator to handle rebookings to the same extent.
  • After the activity is completed, you can choose to have the system send out a request for feedback on the customer’s experience, and you will receive this valuable internal feedback sent to you.

In addition to these features, there are also many other useful and smart settings to optimize the number of customers and minimize the administration you need to handle your bookings. Book a demo to learn more!


How do you get started with BookSpot?

Getting started with BookSpot is very simple, and we’re here to help you! The best way is to give us a call or book a demo, so we can learn more about your specific needs and how we can set up your account to help you get the most out of the system!

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