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Affordable booking system

Try BookSpot, an affordable booking system for free and discover the features for rentals, activities, and courses, which will both save you time and increase your revenue.


BookSpot is an easy and user-friendly booking system that covers most needs. The major advantages of the system are that it saves you time and gives you the opportunity to increase your revenue. The booking system is free to test, you never pay any fixed fees or monthly fees. This way, you can test the system, completely free, to see if it fits your business.

BookSpot is used for many different businesses, such as:

  • Booking courses and events
  • Rental of bicycles, kayaks, SUPs, canoes, boats
  • Booking of high ropes courses
  • Booking of sauna
  • Booking of simpler accommodations
  • Booking of activities and tours such as yoga/hiking/fishing


Why have a booking system?

Having a booking system allows you to receive bookings anytime, day or night, without having to manually handle each booking that comes in. You can receive bookings “while you sleep”. This saves you valuable time that you can focus on developing your business in other ways. All customers using BookSpot have increased their revenue since starting to use this booking system.

All bookings that come in are clearly displayed in a booking schedule, so you know exactly what bookings you have for the day and can prepare accordingly. You get 100% control over bookings and statistics.

With BookSpot, you can easily add new products/activities/events, set capacity, choose how long each product should be bookable, set opening hours, and much more.

We, the creators of BookSpot, use the system ourselves for our kayak rental on Långholmen in Stockholm. BookSpot has been very helpful in our growth journey.

We have focused on making the booking system as simple and user-friendly as possible, both for the customer and for you as an administrator. You can easily add your own booking agreements, booking confirmations, and you have the option to ask customers for internal feedback after their visit (Net Promoter Score).

We would be happy to show you how BookSpot can help your business thrive – book a demo today.

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